Video Animation, Color, Sound, Projection


Duration: [Approx 00:01:30]


An investigation of an ancient art form. Mehndi in the multimedia realm. The story of the Hindu Goddess Parvati is represented with line drawn subjects. These images depict her former incarnation as Sati and her marriage to Shiva with the birth of their son Kartikeya. Growth of Mehndi designs serve as the transition between spaces and time.

Lost & Found

poem by: Maxine Chernoff

Video Animation, Color, Sound, Projection


Duration: [00:01:39]



The event hosted a series of poetry films that premiered online, on public television, and on transit systems.



Elemental Progressions

Medium:  Installation


Duration: [00:09:02]


Blurb:  A space of artificial elemental visuals and sound.


Synopsis:  Each animation is designed to force the viewer to follow the stylized organic forms with their eye. Three projections enclosed the space so that each stereo sound respectively surrounds the viewer adding to the overall synced progression. Appropriate pedestals were the canvas for each station.

Diversity Television Network Promotional

Medium:  Animation


Duration: [00:00:47]


This was a promotional animation created in anticipation of a job opportunity with DTVN. Snippets were grabbed and slogans borrowed to convey the feel of the company while showcasing my abilities and technique.